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About AYC
The American Youth Football (AYF) League created a sister league uniquely for its’ Cheerleaders. This league is called American Youth Cheer (AYC). Any cheerleading, dance or step team who cheers for, or is affiliated with, an American Youth Football Team is automatically welcomed into this organization
What is issued?


As a cheerleader, depending on your team, you will be loaned all or some of the following:
•    Vest or Sweater
•    Skirt
•    Pompons
•    Cheer Top
As a cheerleader, depending on your team, you are given all or some of the following:
•    Game Socks
•    Briefs
•    Competition Sneakers
What will need to be purchased by the athlete?
As a cheerleader, depending on your team, you will need to purchase the following personal items:
•    Game/practice sneakers
•    Hair Ribbons
What is the proper use of my equipment?
The proper use and technique will be discussed by the coaches during the first practice. Equipment should only be used under the supervision of the coaching staff during practice or games. 
How do you clean and maintain the equipment?
Uniforms must be washed inside out in cold water and hung to dry. Dryers can be used only if there is a "no heat” setting. Stains may be pretreated sparingly with commercial treatments such as Shout and rubbed gently with a soft cloth. 
I lost my ________ now what do I do?
When the league issued equipment is lost, stolen or damaged due to negligence or misuse, the coaching staff needs to be notified immediately as replacement fees may apply. Equipment damaged through normal wear will be exchanged by the coach.
How do I Return equipment at the end of the season? 
After the final game of the season the Equipment Director will select a date and location to return the entire set of league issued equipment, building in time to allow for cleaning mentioned above. For health and safety, it is mandatory that equipment MUST be cleaned prior to being returned. Participants not returning their equipment on time or missing will be billed for replacement. 

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